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What are roof tie-downs and why do you need them


Roof tie-downs in Perth and WA. During severe weather conditions, a building must have appropriate fixings and tie-down connections to resist uplift and lateral forces generated by high winds. Tie-downs are a chain of connections that work to anchor the roof to the building. This continuous chain is required to maximise the structural performance of the building and minimise the risk of roof failure.

With consideration to varying weather conditions, the NCC BCA (National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia) regards it vital to anchor the roof through sufficient hold down design. The NCC-BCA is construction legislation.

Acceptable construction of tie-down and member connection is considered when install follows specific Australian Standard documents or an engineer designs a performance solution. We offer both compliant pathways.

Site wind classification, roof material and rafter spacing are all considered when specifying sufficient anchorage design. A certified engineer calculates capacity design with consideration to all elements specific to the site of the building. It is essential that installation is consistent with design – our service guarantees to satisfy compliance through either acceptable construction or a performance solution. Roof Tie-Down WA service all areas across WA. Whether you live in Perth or Geraldton, we can help you.